Tuesday, January 31, 2006


got grounded from the comp.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


well today i slept, not much more to it. and even though today i just kinda hung around and did nothing, i think this week will seem like it fused with last week cause i didnt really have much of a break. but thanks to everyone who wished me well and encouraged me about it. i think its kewl that two of my teachers i havent had in so long comented too. i guess i'll see everyone at school tomorrow, and hopefully this monday will be a nice one to everyone. (chuckles to self) we'll see.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

semper fi

okay, so the big day has come and gone. well, one of em. im gonna spare you all the details, but in the end, after getting up at 4am and essentially waiting on my rear till 4:30pm, i became eliigible to enlist, signed the papers, and swore into the u.s. marines. my occupation is combat engineer. the day i leave for bootcamp is aug 21. i am extreemly tired and am amazed that im up this late. ask me all the questions you want. i'll be happy to answer them. my dad tried asking me all about it during dinner. i sat there rambling while he sat there eating. as soon as i'd stop to take a bite of food my dad would be like "and,,,, go on" so id have to keep talking. the point is, im rambling now, so i have plenty of time to answer your questions if you indeed have any.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

my problem

i'm thinking so much into the future that its consuming my present.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


tensions are running really high at home. even though today i got a great beak from normal activity, as soon as i came home i felt exausted emotionally. i donno, im not gonna expand on that, i dont know why im posting that, but its just whats going on.

had a fun time nonetheless today. ill probly post about it later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the beginning is about to start

well today i went to school. even though the day dragged on, in a little bit i was out. i cant honestly remeber much of anything that happened in school today offhand. cept for mr lambeth was trying to show us how an acid jar, when broken, would remain intact by a coating of rubber. he dropped it on a matal plate,,, a couple tries later, the jar broke the metal into about four peices. i guess i'll have to take his word for it.

when i got home i played video games, improving my driving skills. i decided i can drive a maclaren f1, 200mph on a coastal road for about 9 seconds before scratching the paint, after that i have no idea how long it would take to total. just incase some wants to buy me one of those cars and take me to the coast. after a little spat with my father, i dinned on some smoked ribs. good stuff. im not gonna go into it, cept to say they were the best ribs ive ever eaten.

my uncle came over a bit before that, and during, and after i got back home. we played around with eachothers music. me with his ipod, him with my mp3 player. we like alot of the same stuff suprisingly. i guess i can understand that. hes my closest uncle and hes the only one who lives anywhere near here. my dad works with him everyday, but i rarely see him. he talked with me and my sis about future jobs and whatnot, its what he always talks about but im always up to at least hearing it. then he stayed for dinner, then me and my parents went to the marines.

we got there and it was reiterated that in order for me to get the job i want (combat engineer) id basically have to go through MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and take my physical and test soon. so its been scheduled for sat morning. there i'd get my physical exams done and id take the asvab test. then if everything went as planned, id swear in and set up a date to leave for bootcamp. id leave friday night and come back on sat around 3-4. any questions comments, or concerns, please see the little "comments" icon at the bottom of this post.

im sure the near future will arouse some heartfelt posts about how life will change and how it will be hard to say goodbye to friends. right now my post has no room for such a topic. stay tuned for some of those im sure.

Monday, January 23, 2006

its only monday

okay, so we all know that people are all moping around. myself included. and im not blaming anyone nor saying that its wrong, but its all getting old. now i cant say that i have a brilliant plan to cure this seemingly, "social infection," but im ready to put everything aside if at least for a day and just screw around. i donno about you, but dang it, im ready to have some fun.

Comment on the "personalitys" post two down.

a river of occurences

well i think the comments are possibly straying from the topic in my last post. id still encourage anyone and everyone to comment. but its time for a new post.

honestly i have a ton that went on today. but not alot im gonna share with the general public. today i went to church late. stayed late talking to people. went to the mall and learned how to "browse". we drove around for a bit till we found some park id never been too. after that someone you all may or may not know, fell in a river but youll all be happy to know that it wasnt me. that anonymous person is alright too. to frosen toes or anything. hurt pride for them, and alot of ammo for me, for our little arguments, was all that resulted. we found a random bonfire on the side of the road. no one was around and it was a really nice, really hot fire. we hung around that for awhile and a certain someone dried off. we went to the wickerts. played foosball and watched too much "dance revolution." we went to tirzahs house. talked for a little while. i had to come home early cause my dad wanted to spend time with me today. i got home and he was on the computer till he went to bed.

seriously, comment on the last post.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


i have a question for all you faithfull viewers out there. i got into a discussion with someone last night about personalities. i was wondering how i would be classified as far as high school personalities. you know, like punk, goth, jock, loner, junkie, geek, etc. it doesnt have to be those generic personalities either, it can be whatever you think best describes me. im really curious about this so any and all imput would be well apritiated. (you can leave it anonymous if you have to)

Friday, January 20, 2006

sleep and deals

today i slept in way too late. im not geonna tell you how late but it was technically before shcool would have gotten out anyway, so its not like i wasted anymore time than a normal friday. the sleep was nice but i woke up with an awful headache. it was the worst non-migrane headache ive ever had. my heads been hurting for awhile now, over two weeks at the very least, but today was incredible. i took three ibuprofin and i ferget what i did right afterwards, i think i watched shrek. its a pritty good movie still even though ive seen it probly a good 35 times. then i went downstairs and messed with my pictures on my computer. played a tad with photoshop and whatnot. right before dinner i saw a knife that my sister found in the park laying around. i offered her 5 bucks for it, she said 7, so we naturally settled on 6. later i looked it up and found it was an $85 knife. (whoops) it was a great buy. im smilling now. i dont think im gonna tell her. tonight im going to sacrid grounds to hear jeremy's (kelsys boyfriend's) band play.

thats all i have to say about that.


as youre probly all aware, this is adrienne appreciation week here in the blogworld. so this post is deadicated to adreinne and all her intruiging characteristics.

#1. attentiveness- she'll listen to whatever you have to say.

#2. style- the manikens wondering how much adriennes outfit costs

#3. seriousness- always right there when you need to let something off your chest.

#4. professionalism- she remailns cool and collected giving her a professional aura as soon as she enters a room.

#5. insightfulness- she just looks at you and its like she knows what youre thinking.

and lastly- adriennes a sweetheart. as anyone could see.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

adreinne apritiation week

well ive been informed its adrienne apritiation week. a joyus time where we all get together and find everything we possibly can to post about embarresing things adrienne has done. ill get some pictures up i think and ill spend some time thinking about stuff i know about her. so stay tuned for some adrienne posts.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

a harmless joke.

go to Mr. harmless's blog and read the post titled "teaching math"

Monday, January 16, 2006

red/yellow puss eye

well just to follow my lead the past couple days ill go ahead and post. today i woke up with pink eye. nastyness. then i got papers and drove my sister to my school cause she was visiting. i stopped at mac and dons to get a couple mcgriddle sandwhiches, i ate one, but was getting sick of the fatty sausage, so i just ate the sweet buns. i got home and slept till 1. then i hung around here for the rest of the day. if my other eye doesnt get infected ill be going to school tomorrow. (kinda makes me want to rub some of the yellow puss in my other eye) but i wont. so,,, as someone once said,, later days!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

lazy sunday

heres a random thought,, i wonder if it'll snow again. like, lots of snow. i hope not. i dont mind the cold half as bad if i can at least see green grass. so today i didnt do much. all last night i was coughing and got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep. it calmed down twards morning and i had just fallen back into a good sleep when my mom yelled up to tell me to get ready. after a breif conflict and only breif bloodshead i convinced her to let me sleep. so i got up around 1 and proceeded to do little all day.

one of the things i did do was watch the colts game. and to be honest, they didnt deserve to win that game. dont get me wrong, i was dissappointed they lost and it was too bad that they couldnt get into overtime, but i think it was their time to go. so sorry. one thing im gonna hate about them loosing is all the people that are gonna be crying about it tomorrow. i think sports are great to entertain and get excited about, but some people need to get lives. at our school,, well i dont know if this is our individual school or a natoinwide thing, but ive noticed that there are alot of people at school who talk nonstop about sports. i guess its just a personality difference but i just cant stand that. tomorrow should be thouroughly awful.

i cant say i have too much more to talk about. i think im kinda getting back into the swing of things as far as posting goes. i think this is the third time in as many days ive posted. maybe i can keep it up. right now im only wishing for something like jack handy quotes to put on here. ill see what i can find i guess.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

class party?

today was pritty kewl. i woke up at 1:40 somehow. actually i woke up around ten and decided i could sleep in a little longer and before i knew it dad yelled at me to get up cause he hates me wasting the day sleeping. it was a good thing too. adrienne was supposed to come over at 230 and i had to get ready, clean the livingroom and do dishes still. luckly i called her before she left and she came later so i could get those things done. we talked for a little bit and then we watched a couple great episodes of malcom in the middle. i guess shes gonna have to learn to love that show.

rebecca called and said there was a class party tonight at arnis and then market square bowling. so i got to arnis and no one wanted to eat there so we went to kfc. then we got to the bowling place but we didnt bowl we played arcade games. then we went to ashley h.'s house and sang karioki (spelling?) songs and danced on her little dancing video gome thingy. i did fairly well i think. especially for me. then i came home, but i didnt almost hit john tonight.

friday the thirteenth

today was homecoming. all afternoon i was planning on going to john d. 's concert instead of homecoming. mainly because i had told him i was gonna go and cause homecoming wasnt even gonna be at faith, itd be at some other school i had no idea where it was. plans change i guess. about 4 my mom called me and asked me to not only pick up rachel from practice, but take her to homecoming. i reluctantly agreed. knowing in the back of my mind that i had to be at sacrid grounds at 8. but i figure if im gonna have to go all the way to homecoming then i might as well stay for a little bit and socialise. so i end up staying there and talking to various people for awhile, then i find that the cerimonies might be at a time where i could stay and watch and still get to johns concert, not too late.

so before you know it, i was sitting there and mr lambeth started calling out the girls,, i was comitted to stay. i was really glad i did. the cerimony was simple enough but it was just kewl to see the girls all out there in thier dresses and listening to the stuff about them. the three senior girls were rebecca, jenni, and stephanie. after it was all over i was running kinda behind but i wanted to talk to the girls real quick. turns out as i got back there i stumbled upon a photoshoot. the girls posiong wiht eachother and thier fathers. it happened that they were taking pictures against the hall wall and the photographer was in a little outcrop on the other side (giving him more distance than just the width of the hall) well somehow i wandered into that outcrop and was immediatly trapped by all the girls, thier fathers, and all the masses of mothers posing them and prepping them for the pictures. me and tirzah seemed to be the only "friends" there. we felt a little out of place. so because i was trapped i had to wait till they were all done, and then i only got the chance to tell rebecca cangradulations and all that good stuff. (wich again, was made immencly difficult because i couldnt hear a thing anyone was saying) then i was off to sacrid grounds.

after a short stop by a train i walked into the place just before the opening prayer. so i didnt miss any of it (they usually start late i shoulda known) i sat in the back and just listened to his songs while most of the other people were standing up front clapping and dancing and whatnot. there were alot of people there and it seemed an all around good performance. i enjoyed it immencly. then afterwards i talked to john for a min and he asked if i wanted to go to ihop with some of his friends, but i couldnt cause i had to go to school for the "after party" deal for homecoming. so with that i left for school.

i got there way too early. there weree about 15 people total, including the people working with the food, so it was kinda boring. i stood around and watdched some spirit week videos and talked to trenton about spirit week stuff for about 20 min. then everybody came. i got to talk to jenni and rebecca again about the homecoming stuff but i didnt see stephanie. then we stood around and i saw all the costumes that i missed while i was sick. it started to be real loud so i ouldnt hear and no one could hear me appearently cause me being deaf makes me talk soft. go figure that one for a sec.

adrienne rebecca jordan chris and i ended up going to steak and shake where i distictly asked if anyone was getting fries. they said no. so i said, if i get a platter with two sides of fries, will you guys eat one? they said yes. somehow we all ended up with our own fries and i was left with the two platters. i had alot of fun dont get me wrong, but it would have been so much more fun if i wasnt coughing the whole time and i could actually hear what people were saying. details right? well we all ened up staying a little two late and rebecca chris and i were late for home. so we all headed off.

so i was driving home from everything when all of a sudden this vw bug comes and cuts through the first side of 26 and pulls out right in front of me. i had to swerve littereally to avoid getting in what would have been a real big wreck. so as i swerved around them, somehow i managed to get a glimpse of familliar curly hair in the passengers seat along with a terrified look on whosever's face. (proply would have been the first person to get killed) so after i made my way around them i slow down so they could get up next to me. and sure enough, riding in the passengers seat is john with his friends pulling out of the ihop restaruant. it was the most random one in a million chance of happening, but at the same time it made perfect sence. we both had a good laugh once we realised who the other person was.

Friday, January 13, 2006

the park

last night was a buttload of fun.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

boys and thier toys

okay i got something new to post about.

if i spent a $100 on an airsoft gun and $75 on acessories,, what would you think?

or this for $70

i stayed home

more stuff about me being sick. its all i can think of to post about. so if youre getting bored with that topic, dont read this.

here i am at home. not at school. when i woke up this morning i felt horrible but i got ready and everything. i even had stuff for spirit week ready. i even left a note for my dad saying i had to leave early for song practice. i even got up early so i too would be ready to go for song practice. i had my "costume" in a bag ready to go (it wasnt much anyway) i had a few guns for adrienne and natasha to use with thier costume all ready. (one of which i even assembled last night cause it was in a million peices) sorry i didnt get those to you guys,, when i woke up my main concern was my hearing. all through the night my ears had been leaking. something. which was a good sign i thought. that morning i shoved a rag up em, and a bunch of water and wax came out. funny thing was, i still couldnt hear. i can hear things when they are alone, like if one person is talking directly to me. but when theres other noise and distractions (spirit week stuff falls right into that category) i cant make out anything. so i convinced my mom to let me stay home one more day. anyway, pritty soon ill have something interesting to post about and for you guys to read. not today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


im slowly getting better. last night was probly when my ears were plugged the most. i had to sleep all propped up in a sitting position and i woke up every 15 min to blow my nose. all the while writting little poems in my head about the "phantoms in the night" (kleenex) and how haunting they were. they were all over my floor, and on thier way from the box to my nose they looked like little ghosts in sheets. after a while they became painfull too. heh,, kleenex,, very inspiring to us writers. yeah, im getting a little better now. my throat (currently) doesnt hurt much at all. i guess im going to school tomorrow, im not too excited about it. i wonder how many times people will get upset with me (or ill get upset with people) when they say something that i cant hear. we'll see how long i can take it. i guess theres always an option of coming home early if i need too. gross,, i think someone had a little too much lotion on. i hope its lotion. im gonna go wash my hands,,

Monday, January 09, 2006

what? i cant hear you

its prittty wierd to think of how much we depend on all our sences to do certain things. like right now, theres a good chance ill mispell alot of these words because im missing a sense. can you guess what it is? its my hearing. my left ear is completely blocked up and my right ear is well on its way. you say "how does a loss of hearing make you mispell words?" i say, cause i cant hear the keybord click when i hit a key. i might spell everything fine i donno, but its just one example of how vastly we use our sences.

anyway, fri evening i got sick. it started with my nose, you know that wierd feeling thats really hard to explain. the cold moved to my throat where it infected all parts that help me to swallow. from there it moved to my head. i was littereally waiting for my head to pop. my neck started to get real stiff too. then my ears. last night i couldnt fall asleep causse they hurt so bad. i was waiting for them to pop too. whenever i hear of people with colds "effecting thier whole body" i never really knew how that could happen. i didnt doubt them, but it just seemed wierd. well now i know just how possible it is. this morning i woke up with barely any hearing. my throat is better and headache is gone, but my ears still are throbbing. i went to the doctor and she said i shouldnt go to school till wed. oh well.

being sick is kinda lonely. i had stuff planned to do over the weekend that i really wanted to do, but i got stuck here. now im afraid to call anyone cause i cant really hear. all i have left is IM, but for the past while either my family had to use the omputer or no one was on. well i feel like im rambling. have fun at spirit week!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

desease and plauge

well today im sick. its never fun to be sick but today was incredibly boring. i was supposed to go into the marine recruiting station to take the practice ASVAB test but i had to cancell that, and now my family is away cuz they went bowling then out to eat. i had to cancel a couple things for tomorrow too. i slept in till 12:40 this morning and then got up for a few min, then went back to bed and slept till 3:33. then i watched tv all day. but my dad did get my MP3 player to work so i put a bunch of albums on that. then i talked to natasha for a bit while shivering. (my house is pritty cold) i was wrapped in an electic blanket too. well,,, i probly wont see any of you till at least mon,, hope you guys have more fun than me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


if i had one way to describe my emotional state recently, it'd be a picture of a guy with his feet planted in two directions and him looking every which way to try and reorient himself. for the most part break was a dud. i came back to school feeling like all i had was a long weekend. no real relaxation was going on despite all the sleep. the last three or so days of break were awsome. they went by real quick. i dont even know for sure what happened first or what happened in what order or what happened when, but i guess i can just start with wherever.

so the first thing i think happened was i went to adriennes house on new years eve. we were gonna go watch football at school (jordan and natasha were gonna play with some people) but we couldnt find anyone. so we walked on the pedestrian bridge awhile. (jordan you owe me for keeping this short.) then jordan left and i brought adrienne and natasha to adriennes. they were staying up for 48 hours and were on 36 hours, so moods were a little up and down. we stared at a wall half the time basically. :) i had alot of fun anyway. i saw these wierd flashing lights and probly heard a pack of wolves.

i went to lillians house the next day i think it was. i brought willy wonka and about 20 people ended up watching it somehow. i was given a few boxes of chocolates cause they,, had enough. then i sat around and talked with jordan and lillian. and hers and my sister. lot of pillows and hats were thrown. i shot airsoft guns with lillian and her brothers, and eventually with jordan and her dad. then i played pit with everyone. (i did suprisingly well for me) good times.

the next day i went and hung out with natasha at borders. we talked a bit, then went over and met everyone to watch "the pasiffyer" i talked with adrienne a bit outside that night. the convo was regrettably unorganised and not really planned out too well by me, but in the end, i was real glad we talked. if u wanna know more, ask me. :) afterwards i bought a plamagranate for everyone to share at target. we ate it in the rain. then we drove around till jordan had to go home. then adrienne and i went to steak and shake.

tues i went to joes. went with lillian and alex. good airsift games. i love playing airsoft. lillian played too. then meg and natasha stopped by and meg slapped me in the gut so instictivly (and impressivly fast too) i shot her in the leg. she smacked me again. so really,, i owe you meg. then we sat around and talked.

yesterday was the first day of school. the only thing thats changed is i have a different study hall and TA class. (i TA for PE now cause they wont let me play with 7th graders) and i have mr callen for bible class which is awsome. i like how he'll teach stuff, but he wont lecture on how he thinks things are. he lets everyone talk about it. hes the first bible teacher ive had to do that (i had him last year too actually) and i think its a real good way to go about things.

today,,, i forget. cept for now. im talking to friends and reading old IM convo's. interesting stuff. thanks for reading this whole thing.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

alright already

well ive decided to post.

there. happy?