Monday, November 06, 2006

Letter dated 11-2-06

Dear family,
I guess the time is drawing near. Two weeks and I'll see you guys. It finally is starting to seem close. If you have any Halloween candy left over feel free to bring it along. Its pretty insane what some guys families will be bringing them. I know they'll probably get sick and puke. I think a lot of people are planning on McDonalds. I think a vanilla coke and snickers (along with anything else you want to bring) should be sufficient.
I'm still here at medical. This morning I have a followup after phys. therapy. Its still not all better but it is better. I want to go back on full duty (cause its back to be on light duty a lot) but full duty means I run and everything and I'm not positive its healed enough for that, so a day or two of LD would be ideal. But I'm missing our uniform fitting this morning which means I'll have to make it up sometime. Medical definitely has its drawbacks. Its real depressing talking to some of the guys. One guy was initially from our platoon, he got dropped and was in medical hold the whole time we were up north. Lots of people are there longer. I've been pretty luck so far, I haven't gotten any stress fractures or anything.
Other than that theres not a whole lot to tell. I've been sitting around a lot as gear guard when the platoon goes off to march. Yesterday, I was gear guard for another platoon house (as part of team week) and got to talking to a guy named Stocktill. I had a good time listening to some of his stories, and it turns out he's from Springfield, MO, so he was giving me a list of all the good restaurants to send to Adrienne. I doubt she goes out to eat much, but its still was fun for him, I think. Then a DI came in and yelled at us for "smoking and joking" at our post. Whoops. Its cool. You can tell you've come a ways when you're not afraid of the DIs anymore. You still avoid them as much as you can, its no fun, but you just put up with it. Anyway the DIs can't IT me while I'm light duty. :-) They can add me to a list though. Well, I think I've run out of things to talk about. I'll write later. Love you. Jared


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