Monday, November 06, 2006

Letter dated 10-30-06

Hey family,
Guess where I am. I made my way back to medical. The good things is that its not because I'm sick, I just pulled my groin. Yeah..ouch. It seems the DI's have taken a liking to tearing up the house or rather, having us do it. Yesterday we had about an hour before church where we had nothing to do, so the DI's decided to play. First it was "2 sheets and a blanket" on line. Thats pretty much how we always start playing. Then we threw them in a pile. Then came the call to "put our locks in our pockets," then we lift our footlockers up, and flip them over. Then we're told to run back and forth dragging our feet. Then we got our matresses on line and threw them in the middle. Then we do some other stuff and then we're told to get our matresses and put them back on the rack, then off, then on, and so on and so forth. It was about then I guess. My rack is the top bunk, so it was pretty awkward to get the heavy, floppy matress on and off. I guess I was lifting it some pretty creative ways or something. It wasn't bad at first, I thought it was just a cramp, but after lunch I could barely walk. We were scheduled to have about 4 hours of drill, and even an hour of drill is tiring. Luckily, the DI saw me and had me be gear guard at the house. Four hours of standing at front post was no picnic either, but was certainly the lesser of evils. Anyway, I can walk with a pretty good limp today after sleep, but I'll probably get some Tylenol and light duty today, maybe tomorrow, cause theres no way I can PT. Its okay though. I got to eat breakfast without a DI (early chow) which was good. We had gotten condiment priviledges taken away about a week ago. Someone took peanut butter into the house. So no more condiments. Now, we get unlimited bread here, so most people get the majority of their food from that. I got to the point where I'd have 15 packs a day (like the size of catsup packs) but all that got taken away. It was pretty devestating for most of us. But anyway, I got PBJ sandwhiches this morning. I was happy. So going to medical has its benefits, definitely.
In other news, letsee, we had the time change Sunday morning which was awesome. We get an extra hour of sleep Sat. nights for Sunday, actually the extra hour is in the morning. And on top of that we got an extra hour from the time change. So we got 10 hours that night. That's probably why the DI was tearing the house apart. It was nice, though.
Well, I just got back from a checkup thing. Still at medical. They said I threw my hip bones out of alignment and thats stressing the muscle. So I got to lay down for 20 min. and take a nap while icing my let. Twas a good deal, I think. Now I'm on light duty for a couple days and will go back for "therapuedic" sessions tomorrow and Thursday. I should be good by tomorrow though, judging from how much better I felt after sleeping last night. Their giving me Tylenol just in case, though. Its actually gonna be the 2nd medication I'm taking now. Apparently theres been a strep throat outbreak here, and any sickness like that gets mutated and supersized in rec. training. So they actually just handed out antibiotics to everyone in 3rd phase so we won't get sick and bring it back home. I've never seen a prescription bottle so big. But two a day for the rest of bootcamp. Its good cause I was starting to cough a little just before we got it. I think this is one medication I'm gonna keep taking. I've learned its nice to be healthy.
Just about the only other thing I can think of to report is that we had a "driver's safety" class. It was just like drivers ed. We slept just as much, too. I'm sure Rachel knows the feeling well.
So today everyone else is gonna PT. I'm probably gonna stand front post. I don't know what else will happen in the near future. Its team week so we get odd jobs around the base. Its probably real good I got light duty this week. We'll see. Love you, keep writing! I'll see you in not too much longer. Jared


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