Thursday, November 23, 2006

catching up

hey guys, well im back. its pritty good to be home. doing lotsa stuff with lotsa friends and everything. keeping pritty busy. the night i got home tirzah jordan cameron and lillian were waiting for me with a decorated house and lotsa candies and goodies. that was a pritty good suprise. so we talked for about an hour or two. (i didnt get home till 2 so it was already late) but then we drove around town till about 5:30-6. i dont know how much fun they had, tirzah fell asleep, but i had a great time talking to them and listening to my favorite songs. eventually tirzah and cameron went home, and jordan left about 630. and lillian and i talked till about 7. after they all left i went downstairs and read blogs and stuff, then ate breakfast with my parents. joe called around lunch and i had to go over and see him. good times. i finally got home around 3 and fell asleep instantly on the arm of the coutch. i slept till 9 the next morning. they couldnt even wake me up for dinner. great times.

since then ive done a few things with everybody. just whatever really. went to joes, hung out at starbucks and the levee, got a family portrat done. adrienne got home yesterday so it was a welcome reunion. she had flown to CA for my graduation cerimonies, and that was a great suprise. it was so good to see her, but we didnt really get to talk a ton cause i was talking with my family and everyone on the 5 hours liberty thursaday, and friday she had to leave immediatly after the cerimony. but im so happy she could be there at least. i have to say that shes shuch a wonderful girlfriend. she wrote me everyday the entire time i was at bootcamp. and you have no idea how special letters are to get. it was really good to see her yesterday and catch up and everything.

so yeah, thought id update, catch you up on what ive been doing while home. if you wanna hear about bootcamp,, well im not gonna write anymore about it, but call me or maybe we can get together and ill let you know whatever you want to hear about.

heres some pictures of my eagle globe and anchor cerimony (thurs was when i became a marine) and graduation. you can tell wich ones wich cause i wore different hats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger turza said...

oh jared. i missed reading your faithful blogs! im so glad that boot camp didnt cure you of that..:) yay for staying up entirely too late. and of course i had so much fun!!! what you did forget to mention was that after i fell asleep in the car that you cranked up the volume of the music and woke me up!! haha, oh well! im so glad you're back, even though for a short time

11/25/2006 8:28 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

it was nice to read your blog. :) i hope you're enjoying yourself back at home. what are the plans from now on? how long will you be home for? i hope to catch ya on IM sometime, but if that's not possible (i'm not on near as much as i used to be...i guess i've found other things to do and i'm sure you're busy too), i hope you enjoy yourself and take care. :)

11/25/2006 10:25 PM  

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