Friday, June 30, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

so much ado

saturday i celebrated fathers day with my family.

sunday i went to church, and rollerbladed in family video with jordan. then i watched a jackie chan movie.

monday i did the route and i dont think i did much else.

tuesday i went and hung out with adrienne.

wednesday i got a haircut and plan to go out to dinner with my girlfriend.

thursday im going to start laundry and packing. friday i leave for north carolina.

saturday- friday i lay on the beach and rest from my hecktic summer.

saturday i leave for home.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

fathers day

we celebrated fathers day today. or were supposed to. this afternoon i walked downstairs to find my mother father, and both sisters asleep. what a party. to be honest it was kinda neat cause the computer was free but i couldnt do anything in the livingroom cause my mom and sister were sprawled across the coutch and floor. so i went to my room and listened to a new cd and read some marine stuff. dont worry, things picked up after a bit. we went to olive garden for dinner. i had three bowls of soup and stuffed mushrooms. i swear those are the only two things good in that restaurant. its all so oily. then we came back home and dad opened presents. now theyre upstairs watching moulan rouge. they knew i wasnt gonna watch it but they had twizzlers. so i stayed untill the end of the beginning credits. now im down here and theres no one on AIM and im debating if im gonna go sit outside again. mabe i should run. well i'll leave it to fate. if im supposed to go excersize, it'll just happen right?

i'll leave you with a picture of me and my uncles. doing what i do best.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


kay i just got ahold of andy and talked to him for about a half hour. so this post will be along the lines of james's but it'll be better.

first of all hes unwraping cd's for his job. he's getting paid enough that by the end of the year he wont have any debt. he has two roomates that he gets along with at least. the rooms and bathrooms are nice. one of the recreational things he does is play basketball. his team wins alot. the ladies are few and far between but theres some hope this fall. he's an hour behind there (when its 10 here its 9 there) and he says a good time to call would be around 10 our time. he says he doesnt have much free time. he says that hes one of the youngest people there. hes still doing a law enforcement degree for two years and he still sounds about the same. he says there are some super concervative people there and he says that they dont give demerits during the summer. thats about it. you should call him. i have his number if you ask me.


well the air conditioning is back up at our house.

ive been watching alot of soccer. USA sucks.

last night i got home late cause i watched dumb and dumber at jordans and we lost track of time and i still had to take adrienne home.

i got the cd with "not now" on it. its actually blink's greatest hits so i already have all but three songs.

i feel restless. i feel like i need to play some football. too bad andy's not here. he'd always be up for that.

and a special hello to my mother who i just caught looking at my blog.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

not now

i have a new favorite song. "not now" by blink 182. i dont have it on cd, but i would like to get it. the lyrics are on "my music" link to my music xanga. its a kewl music video too. im gonna go listen to it.

Monday, June 12, 2006


im all alone. theres no one here beside me.

to all you who arent familiar with that line in shrek,,, that was a line in the movie shrek. aplicable to my night tonight. it seems there arent many people available to do anything or talk on the phone on this night. at least no one id think to hang out with. thus, im sitting here writting on this thing you all call my blog.

probly the most outstanding thing that has happened today, is my little squirt of a sister, got pink eye. again. the last three times at least,, she had pink eye,, she gave it to me. so i know its only a matter of time before i get it. my dad called us out this evening to set the dinner table. she washed her hands of course. shed let you know that shes not stupid, she knows to wash her hands before doing something like that. but right after she did, she wiped her bottem eyelid with her knuckle. so i sent her back to the sink. sigh. these letters im typing right now are probly covered in puss. im doomed.

another occurence of note is i have sucessfuly made contact with andy's answering mashine in florida. if you want his number call me. i havent talked to him yet, but i heard his voice on the machine. tehehee! im so excited.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


well now that ive lost all my readers i,,,, wait,,, what am i talking about? i bet no ones really read this for a long time. so why are you making me feel bad about not posting something you wont read? well stop!

(again i dont have much to say)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

scales of the blog

well,, some really good things have hapened, and some really sucky things have happened. they pritty much cancel eachother out. thus,, i have nothing to post.