Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm off

hey there guys. im kinda in a solemn mood tonight. ive already said almost all my goodbyes to everyone. and to those of you i havent said goodbye too, ill be coming to church early tomorrow to talk to a few friends. but that'll be your last chance. cause ill be leaving church early and coming home. then after that i'll go to the recruiters at 1 pm and then at 1:30 my recruiter will take me off to indy, where i'll spend sundayafternoon signing papers, getting checkups, and swearing in. then on monday, ill be flown to san diego to boot camp for thirteen weeks. i'll graduate the day after thanksgiving. ill come home for ten days, maybe more if i can get a job at the recruiters for awhile. then ill go off to combat training then engineering school cause im gonna be a combat engineer.

im going to get my adress the first or second day of boot camp and ill send it back to my mother. she will then email it to everyone in my adress book. if you dont get the email, ask someone who would be in my adress book.

i would ove to get letters from anyone and everyone. if you do end up sending me something, please try and make it as plain as possible. no scented paper or anything real fancy. also, only send me letters. if you send something else you run the risk of getting me in trouble. once there was a guy whose mother sent him a pan of fudge. the drill instructer made him eat the whole pan then and there and then had him go out and run. please dont make my life any harder, but please send me letters. if you decide to be funny and send me something that would get me in trouble,,, know this,,, after boot camp, my career will be war. i'll try to write as many people back as i can, but i really cant promise anything at all. i dont know how much time i'll have.

anyway, thanks everyone, and anyone who made me smarter, tougher, funnier or wiser. i feel like highschool was all about relationships, and ive certainly learned alot. anyway lets just pertend i said something heartwarming and comforting.

thanks guys. best wishes to all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

same as last post only different.

this morning i was awoken by a ringing telephone. i actually had one right by my bed, but i was so insanely tired, i didnt answer it. and just so you know,, that would never happen normally. but after a while i got up and showered. i still had smoke and dirt and marshmellow all over me. then i called my ladyfriend and we went out for lunch. we went to subway. that is my all time favorite restaurant. while we were there, adrienne dropped her ring and it rolled under a couple gay guys' table. i went and got it cause she wouldnt. i felt violated just walking over there. anyway after awhile of playing in my coke, we decided to go over to best buy. that is my all time favorite store. i get a 3 song cd from "bright eyes" then we went and found meg at the mall. after that we picked up adriennes brother and sister from thier first day of school. while we were there we went and got our yearbooks. then i droped them off at home and i went back to watch the soccer guys practice. talked with andy n. a bunch about how the schools changing (guys can wear tesnnis shoes now) i left for home. ate dinner with my mother and sister. then i went to the park with natasha and her nieces and nefew. cute kids, but man,,, they'll make you think twice about wanting to be a parent. then i came home. and talked to tirzah for a bit. im glad i did. that was my day, for anyone who cares.

and same as last time. get me your new adresses.

rebel without a clue

i got up at 8 to babysit my uncles dogs. a doberman and a mutt. i hope you dont think less of me for this,, but i like one better than the other. the doberman is like a horse with an attention span of a 4 year old with ADHD on mountain dew. its crazy. then i spent a long time cleaning my room. then adrienne came came over and we watched a movie. then i went to purdue with joe and lillian and we visited hannah. it kinda was an awakening to me about how close these changes are coming and have already come for many. it was good to see her. she seemed a bit preocupied as anyone who just moved in would be im sure. maybe it was the green and pink paint. then after that i went to the recruiters and did a little more paperwork. then i said goodbye to joe. it was really not how i pictured it at all. it was just kind of "goodbye, good luck, thanks for everything" and then we parted ways. i guess we knew it wasnt a final goodbye by any strech. then i came home and natasha called me. i went over to her house for about an hour and we talked. she was going through a rough time and i guess i didnt really adress it too much but rather tried to take her mind off it i guess. it was good to see her too. then i went to jordans for a bonfire. it was normal for the first part but twords the end it got pritty crazy. good times. all trough that day i hadnt eaten a real meal at all. its probly not too good for me. anyway i have to go eat a real meal right now.

if you want me to potentialy write you or keep in touch with you,,, i can bring an adress book to the marines so email me your new adresses. or call me. or tell me in person. but the things i need from you guys are email adresses and living adresses. get them to me it would be apritiated. cya.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

that son of a gun

andy has a girlfriend. more info to come.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I am away right now.

Ill be back.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

end of a paperboys era

well yesterday was my last day as a paperboy. i musta had that job for about 6 years. thats longer than i'll be in the marines. it was nice to know that i'll never have to do it anymore. it was a pain. i had to get up early in the morning to pick them up and then deliver them in the afternoon. yesterday i was so tired. i hadnt gotten much sleep that day or the night before that, so i was beat to begin with. i got up at 7am and picked them up. normally id go back to sleep once i got home but i worked on the roof with my dad that morning. i had picked up krispy cremes for my family on my way home and i had eaten about three. and sugar isnt really good when youre doing hard work like that. i had had about three or four cans of pop the day before and it was just a nasty feeling. then i tried to take a nap that afternoon but i couldnt get to sleep. after dinner i did the route. then jordan called me and asked if i wanted to work out with him at the y. i told him no thank you.

i did go out with adrienne though. it was a little more along the relaxed lines than working out. we drove around went to starbucks and watched a movie. for my birthday she gave a a photo album with pictures of us in it, and the cover said "good times" it was pritty cool.

letsee, sunday i went to church after little sleep and played soccer afterwards. then i went out for ice cream with jordan and lillian. twas pritty interesting to see some of the text messages lillian sent jordan. anyway after that i went home showered again and picked up adrienne and she came over for my birthday dinner and her first dinner with my family. went well. we had crab legs so occasionally there were peices of shell flying through the air. it was an interesting first meal to have since you eat with your hands and everything and theres butter all over. twas fun.

saturday i went over to joes with hannah and lillian. we watched bourne identity and supremicy with aaron. and then we sat around and talked till late. really late actually. twas alot of fun.

friday was a joined birthday party of mine and tirzahs. we ate at her house then went to adriennes to swim. that was fun to see everyone again. that was the day adrienne got home from OH so i guess that brings me back to my last post.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

story of a lonely guy

man,, i havent blogged in so long. ive let america down. im so sorry. i just dont have much to post. ive been doing some fun stuff. bout broke both my wrists on the skating ramp at faith. watched "v for vendetta." twas a decent movie i guess. besides for an underlying pro-homo message to it. its kinda different than most movies you watch cause america plays no huge part but is no longer a superpower. i liked it just because i sat down and enjoyed it. i didnt really do much movie critisizing. probly cause we put it in rather late. hmm,, thats all i have to say.