Wednesday, March 29, 2006

social happenings

last night was pritty strange. i got a call from natasha around 8-830 that i was going to get a "package." then before i could say anything else, she hung up. so immediatly (and naturally) i got my airsoft stuff together. i had just trown all my clothes in the wash, so i had nothing to wear. i stayed in my pj pants. my father answered the door about 830 to james standing on the step. adrienne natasha and mari soon showed up as well. my mother was laying ill in the livingroom so we couldnt do anything inside, so we stayed out there and talked. i ended up going out with them and we had a good time.

when i got home i started talking to rebecca around 12. we got into a discussion that required no confusion, so she called me and we talked on the phone where we could hear inflection in eachothers voices and everything. we ended up talking about everything. theres alot of stuff going on to talk about. i guess i could tell rebecca everything i did because shes a nutral party sort of. she wasnt really directly involved in any of these issues, thus i didnt really feel hindered or feel like i had to be careful what i told her. we talked untill 3. she decided she should go to bed.

this morning i got up at ten and natasha and i hun out from 12-4. good times, we went to the park, wandered around there. talked for a bit. then went to the mall. i saw an awsome butterfly knife. it was just like a harpoon tip. no blade but it had this double sided tip on a rod. i wanted it. but i wasnt 18 and she wouldnt buy it for me. so i bought some cd's instead. should occupy me for the spring break.

to top it off, i just got a new high score in pinball. 8,260,250.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

and on the other hand...

this weekend has already been good. i dont know how most of you decide if your weekend is good or not, maybe its good if you get to hang out with friends, or its good if you get lots of sleep, or its good if you dont have homework. these are all good things i guess, but how i decide if my weekend is good or not is by seeing if it relieved stress and got me ready for school the next week. it doesnt matter what you do exactly as long as it relaxes you. this was a good weekend.

friday i hung out with joe a bit. weve been doing stuff recently but i was glad to just go and hang out with him for a bit. after school i was feeling pritty,, tense,, is a good word. joe wanted to do something and i was about ready to do anything else besides go home and stew. so i changed and we drove to Von's at purdue. on the way we talked about some things and laughed a bit. at a guy wiping out on his scooter and doing a belly flop in the grass, and at stupid college people and stuff they do, and had some pritty creative ideas about what to get jordan for his birthday. after that we made a brief stop, then both went in on some flowers for erin for her sergury recovery.

that night i went to school when the play got over, and then went to jordans with some people. we hung out and ate and talked for awhile, then put in braveheart. i dont understand why people (i guess its mainly women in upper 30's-40's) say that mel gibson is atractive. i think hes one ugly son of a gun. i suppose thats a good thing though. anyway, then i fell asleep looking at a posessed tree in jordans yard that was lit up all white. no other trees were like that. it was just, white,, and all the other trees were black. it wasnt just me who saw it. i have witnesses too. they just didnt seem to think it was a big deal.

this morning i woke up much too early and then listened to my mp3 player while others woke up. took a shower, had breakfast, then we played airsoft in the cold morning air till about 12. good stuff. there were some pritty awsome performances there at the end. we all got and gave it pritty good,, but in the end,, i got the last kill. (right in jordans temple) then when we came in it began to snow,, then the whole sleet thing im sure you all were aware of.

i drove home, then went to the play with adrienne today. looking back on it, i think it was a good perfomance, at least by the actors. spicifically joels character i sympathised with. to have my daughters go angainst me to marry these guys would leave me,,, upset. rebecca's character i had to groan at, cause she played a very good nagger. reminded me of all those proverbs about "better to live on the corner of a housetop than with a cornersome wife." maybe thats what that dang fiddler was doing, i dont know. and joes character i hated. despised. he was a bad bad man. so im pritty sure thats how they all were supposed to come across, so good job guys.

now im wishing for someone to talk to online. im bored. but it was a good relaxing weekend already.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

no news = good news

well, nothing new to report on the homefront today.

cept my econ beatings have stopped. as well as the verbal assalt. thats pritty good i guess.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

happy day in julios world

my nipples hurt. (hows that for an interest catcher?) i ran out in the cold and played football, and my shirt is rough. ill get there i guess.

besides my sore chest, i think i had a good day today. sorta. this time school kinda stank and afterwards rocked. at school, classes were normal (cept for i only missed one answer on my gov test) ((and i took it all by myself)) (((maybe studing is a good thing))) nothing out of the ordinary. i think a few of my friends are pritty far in the dumps today. i almost feel bad about having a good day, but they wouldnt want that. good friends as they are. hope you all feel better. anything i can do...

after school mr b came up and yelled at me to get downstairs cause my parents cant seem to understand that i want them to come late enough so i can talk after school. (i got to school late, why cant they do the same?) but i got home and cashed a bunch of checks. i think im very close to getting that sniper rifle. now i just have to convince my mother to allow it. then i went to best buy and got new headphones. (i blew my other ones out) but i use them so much, they were well worth the money spent. my new ones wrap around the back of my head, i dont know if i like them or not. im trying them out now.

after best buy i went to the marine recruiting place for thier little get-togethers they have every wed. i should start going to them every week. we all went to the jeff field (the new one) and ran a mile and a half. i astounded myself by getting like 10 min 40 something. i also never stopped running. it was quite a first for me. then we did crunches and played football. it was a nice balence of mice plays and horrible misteaks for me. many fumbles, couple of touchdowns and good returns. i got some pritty good burns on my legs from that grass stuff. then i went and did pull ups and then talked to this marine there on recuiting duty for a little while. i think im getting more and more comfortable with everything. wich is good. then i walked home in the cold in a tshirt and shorts. was fine at first, but the cold got to me. hence the,, well,, you know... i havent eaten dinner yet and im not hungry. doing laundry, listening to music. uhh,,, tty tomorrow.

Monday, March 20, 2006

music videos

well i was over at joes house yesterday. again. seems to be the place to be. lillian and hannah were there too. hannah joe and i listened to music pritty much the whole time we were there. then once she left joe and i went downstairs and played airsoft. i have about 8 welts on my knuckles from the past few days ive played. one red spot right in my pinky fingernail. then lillian came back and we sat around downstairs. when she left again joe and i played football on his 64. i not one to talk about sports, especially on blogs, so i wont. cept to say our last few plays were pritty impressive.

i guess we can back up to the beginning of sunday. i went to adriennes church but i didnt have a car of my own. so that morning my sisters dropped me off at starbucks and then i got picked up by adrienne. ive decided i like her church alot. its good worship even though i dont know the songs really, and the sermon was extreemly good. good enough i could even tell you today what it was about. after that we went back to my church to eat lunch there. but no one was there and the food looked fairly nasty. so we decided to drive around looking for someplace to eat. we ended up at happy hollow park. (in the end i guess there wasnt much food there) then went downtown to eat at mcords (or someplace like that) but it was closed. so we went to rolly poly and ate on the pedestrian bridge. then we went to columbian park and walked around. i think i got her sick on the tire swing and she was only on it for about 10 seconds. so i took advantage of her confusion and asked her to jr sr. (she said YES!!!) then she left.

today i actually worked on stuff. did stuff for the route and cleaned up the kitchen. between the two, took all afternoon. now im watching new music videos they just put on yahoo music of "bright eyes" they must be getting more popular. but let the records indicate when they hit superstardom,, i found them before they got really popular. so its okay for me to listen to them. same with brand new. "easy/lucky/free" is a good one by them if youre interested.

well. i just saw another one and i thought id throw this little tidbit into my post. sorry for the length.

this video is a wierd one. its called "at the bottem of everything" its about this girl who's on a plane, and then the plane crashes. throughout the video it show these peoples reaction when they know theyre gonna die. normally you would think of everybody going into a panic and crying, but in this video, everyone starts smiling and laughing and having a good time. theyre all enjoying thier last seconds alive. at first i thought it was really wierd. and i suppose it is. but its really cool too, because i know when i die, there will be reason to celebrate. when i face my last seconds, ill be able to smile. thats pritty cool. honestly i dont think thats the message meant for this band, but its a good one anyway.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

night out

last night i was up till 330 talking to joe online. thats the longest ive talked to him,, maybe ever. twas interesting. earlier that day i went to his house and played airsoft. gave him a couple broken guns to tinker with,, he did a good job on the one, and will probly fix the other one. then adrienne came and we watched corpse bride. we wanted to watch history of violence because both joe and i saw previews of it and it looked like a really good movie. story, action, actors,, everything. but it had a well earned "r" rating as my dad let me know. was disappointing. anyway the other movie was visually impressive,, but it wasnt exactly the most creative story,, i donno. it held my attention. after that joe tinkered with the gun, andy and i played 64, and adrienne fell asleep. it was a real action packed night. i had alot of fun anyway.

heres my buddies.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

this and that

i dont really like chocolate that much. sugar has its place but sometimes candies arent really that satisfying. pasta is good for energy but its not really that good. bread doesnt have enough flavor and vegetables have a bad flavor. fruit can be good but you can usually get too much fruit after awhile. the only thing i really like 100% foodwise is beef jerky. i wish i saved some for today. it woulda helped the dullness. i just need something to chew. (gums too soft and you cant eat it)

today ended up being kinda wierd. i was late to school cause i was trying to find a matching sock. normally i wouldnt care but today i just didnt feel like going to school so i took my time.
i got there late so i skipped homeroom and went right up to accounting. i dont think anyone missed me, i just wonder what anouncements i missed. id venture a guess that there wasnt anything important though. accounting was wierd. maybe cause i wasnt sitting between kelsy and jenni.
sr sem i got a talking to about how i should work and not goof around. im not really disruptive, i just dont like doing work in that class. its just busywork. i dont have any motivation to get it done on time either cause she doesnt really care if its late.
bible,, usually i like bible, and i still think its my favorite class this year, but its getting silly. class is being taken up by elementary questions of a few people and it seems rediculous to have to sit through "drinking is bad" "dont do drugs" i want more than that. im beyond that stuff. thats why i was looking forward to his class, but it seems to have halted. its frusterating.
english was fun. we graded a test and talked a bit.
we didnt do anything in government.
lunch was a little lacking. a few of our people were gone. but it was fun to have my carrots dipped in my chocolate pudding by natasha.
study hall was just a time filler.
i played hockey in the PE class today. that was fun
i skipped the 5 min of chemestry i would have had because i left early to get shots.

and thats a day in the life of me. probly alot of other seniors too. 8 periods and nothing to tell.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


today joe gave me the best gift anyone could ever give me. deer jerky. its good stuff. actually its some of the best jerky ive ever had. good flavor and a nice burn left in your mouth, nothing extreem, but enough to make it good. if you were one of the lucky ones to get some of this kerky from me, be happy cause you are loved. i dont let many people have my jerky. specially that stuff. anyway, thanks joe. you made my day. we'll see if your t-shirt holds true.

Monday, March 13, 2006

wheres andy?

andy wasnt at school today.

poor guy, i hope hes not sick.

if hes not,, then i guess forget about the "poor guy" comment

Saturday, March 11, 2006

weekend work.

okay my butt hurts. picked up sticks at joes house this weekend. im not gonna explain it to you cept to say that you should respect those people who have labor jobs. working a cash regester isnt exactly the same. i got something in my eye too. pity me. my knees pritty bad too.

anyway i dont know what to post. i had a good weekend and school was pritty kewl today.

thats all i have to say about that.

tell me this isnt a good picture.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

i lie and wait

im going to bed. 9:04,,, this is ridiculous.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the little news i have.

im bored. with everything. things are dumb. nothing has been happening. guess thats what i get for wishing for drama to go away. i dont think i meant for this though. i was thinking about how to describe things and the word "doldrums" im not sure if thats the correct spelling, but thats a sailing term. its when theres no wind or currect for a ship to ride on. everything is quiet, nothings happening, they just have to sit there in the sun and wait for wind to pick up. it seems like it should be plenty windy, maybe my sails have a hole in it, i donno. but im just sitting here.

as a cure to some of my bordem i decided to go out (quickly in my moms van cause everyone else had the cars) and pick up a new cd. went out in search of a good soundtrack for my life. i ended up getting two, "bowling for soup goes to the movies" - bowling for soup, and "digital ash in a digital urn" - bright eyes. the first was alright, but the bright eyes one is really good. im happy with my purchice.

i havent posted regularily, i guess i felt like id just be talking about illness more, and i didnt have much to say anyway. ive been going to bed around 10 recently, so thats screwed up alot of my computer time. i havent been able to talk to some people for awhile it seems. its probly good. ive felt very impersonable recently. maybe its because i havent talked for awhile i donno. but ive just been a little grumpy or something. anyway to jumpstart (or overload) my blogging habits, im gonna post a pic.

this ones of pritty much my three guy friends. its not a good pic of any of them, but it had all three of em. came across it and it hit me that that was the extent of my guyfriends. all the rest seem like aquaintances. (if youre offended cuz youre a guy and youre not in this pic,, sorry,,, i guess.... but i dont care. be a better friend)

heres the studs.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

rants of a ill person

well i think i got through this thing without barfing. (just wait, famous last words) i feel like my weekend was pritty much a waste, and it was. if im abnormally high strung this week like i just need a break, i think that'll be why. i dont plan on it but it would just figure. to ad insult to injury, it snowed. i didnt even know it till about 2oclock today. i wasnt outside and all the windows were shut. i guess i figured it was a grey day. i guess i was right. last night i actually got to sleep, that was good. it mighta been the little dose of niquil, but whatever it was it did the trick.

today in my slumber i watched COPS new orleans special. i dont know if the hurricane was a judgement from god, but i would think that this year hes glad to not have to deal with it. pritty moronic stuff. everyone who got arrested had no idea that what they were doing was even wrong. they figured it was a party, anything goes. and legally, thats how alot of it is treated, but personally and moraly its pritty bad to have no idea about the wrong.

well i think my sleep habits are all thrown off now. i feel like going to bed right now and its only a little after 8. im sure i wont, but i know i will go to bed early tonight. im planning on going to school. i cant picture things getting any worse, but who knows. anyway, pray for warm dry weather for tomorrow. i cant stand this stuff.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


im not having fun.