Saturday, April 21, 2007

car buying

well concider yourself blessed. you just got lucky enough to stumble on my blog, after so many months of scilence only to find a new post! i hope youre smiling right now cause indeed this is a rare ocassion and i wouldnt expect it to happen again in awhile.

the reason ive decided to post is to warn everybody about the horrors of buying a car. well,, it stinks. picture this, youre walking to work every day. its about a mile, not too bad, as long as youre not late. and then a mile to chow. and a mile back. adds up right? now imagine youre only an hour away from a place with so much going on, its impossible to not be able to find something to do. (i know for those of you in Lafayette this could be a problem,, but imagine hard) the beaches, the musiums and zooz, waterparks, theme parks. san diego an hour away, los angeles a couple hours away, the beach, skiing a few hours away, fishing, hiking, boating, did i mention the beach? so you get the picture, california is a fun place to be. now imagine for a moment that you had to walk everywhere. that kinda limits the areas you can get. alot. i cant even walk to the beach. so i think you get it,, i need a car.

how do you go about buying a car anyway? well first thing everyones told me is, "well, what do you want?" .... bad start. if you know much about me you may know that as far as cars go,, im less than,, knowlegeable. i think im better at spelling. so when im asked that, i dont have an answer. well,, next logical step is do some research right? get online and go to reviews and classifides and everything and get a idea of what you want. well,, i can go to the library,, but thats a pain in and of itself. with time limits and having to walk even there a ways. and when i finally do get there, im so distracted by things like facebooks and blogs that its hard to concentrate. but once i get buckled down and start searching i relise something right quick. there are alot of cars out there. i know nothing about them. and to go online and go through reports of them all can understandibly be a little agrivating. maybe i could go to someone who knows about cars and get some ideas from them right? well no one here that i know (and keep in mind im still the new guy who no one knows) no one has really given me any usefull info. i could go to a dealership and have them tell me a bit about there product. but then again,,, its a really long walk outside of base. i feel like im in quite a rut. amazing how much you need a car to buy a car.

but theres a glimmer of hope in the future. my graduation gift that has been on hold for the extent of my training has been called to my aid. my brilliant father is setting the wheels in motion to getting me a laptop. this will help. hopefully ill be able to get internet, or find a way to get it. not to mention my postings will slowly multiply, i think. it'll be good. anyway so im gonna keep plugging away tryiong to work on this, im gonna walk over to a used car lot on base. just a parking lot that rents out spaces for people to park and advertise thier privatly selling cars all in one space. maybe i'll gert lucky if i keep my eye on that. we'll see. thats my marine corps motto for everyone back home. its hard for most people to understand how little i actually know about whats going on in the future. and when everyone asks me my asnwer is always "we'll see." it applys to most everything. this too. so in the meantime, wish me luck, hopefully ill post again soon,, you can get my phone # from someone and call me if you'd like. and maybe ill let you in on what im actually doing out here. it can be kinda stressfull,, but to quote my beautiful grandmother, im not gonna "get my panties in a bundle" :) there wasnt it worth reading this entire post?