Saturday, April 29, 2006

senior trip


Monday, April 17, 2006

i apologise ahead of time.

my sisters on the phone. to be honest thats about the only reason im here. if you guys are looking for the culpret that stole your precious julio from his blog, thats it. that and good weather i guess. i was outside a minute ago. kicking the soccerball contemplating my decision to not try out for the soccer team. i think it would have been fun, but i still stand by my decision. even if by some miricle i made the team id slow everyone down. i usually like to be one of the best as far as extra curricular activities go. i dont like to lose and i hate making others lose. man,, i wish i had that phone. actually i might have to wait a bit. it cant hold much of a charge. ive began to regularily grab both cordless phones before i start to talk. its dumb. anyway im rambling pritty good here. letsee what else i can come up with. school was wierd today. nothing major that stood out above all others, but everyone was acting a little different i think. to the untrained eye it'd be hard to pick up on. dont feel bad if you didnt catch that. anyway, one happy friend was really mellow today, and one mellow friend was giddy today. i donno. must be the stars. (j/k) okay so if youre still reading this, good for you. i'll reward your patience with a juicy piece of news. something ive been heasetent to tell everyone, but decided i would. now if youre a faithful reader, you can be one of the first ones to hear it. should make you happy.... okay i was just kidding. bad joke i know. i have to have that phone. my impatience is making you all suffer. im sorry. really. maybe im acting wierd today too. or maybe im just not used to posting. actually i know what it is. this is my brain prosess before i write something. normally my thoughts are like this till i find something that i should post about. only today ive brought you all along for the ride. but thats what you get for yelling at me to post. as if you actually would comment or anything anyway. hypocrites. ive done 10x my blogger duity. ive posted almost everday for like a year. now when im taking a break you guys get on my case for doing something you do everyday. gosh. no wonder i dont post here anymore. okayokay,, im sorry. didnt mean any of that. some of you do a good job posting. and i do get comments. my thoughts are just not in this post. in case you havent noticed. password: "professor" okay, if you give me that password tomorrow ill know you read it, and ill give you a treat. okay, maybe im kidding this time too. maybe not. do it and find out tomorrow. hey jessi just started talking to me. now were talking about blogs. figures. but in all fairness to her it was me that brought it up... and there goes the daylight. i wanted to talk on the phone outside. its not windy or rainy. its sunny and fairly warm. i like the weather that weve been having. storms, then sunny. my two favorite things. i got in trouble for saying that yesterday. appearently some peoples houses didnt fare too well. sorry guys. but you can still be happy for me. oop,, my sisters off the phone. hasta lavista.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

where am i?

whoa! i have a website? thats neat i guess. from the looks of things i havent been here in awhile. ive actually been out doing stuff instead of surfing the web. lets blame it on the weather.

enough time has passed that im not going to try and bring you up to date on everything thats happened. maybe i will later, but not today. i have things to do today too. but maybe i'll see some of you tomorrow and i'll probly see the rest of you on monday.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

the dunes

thursday i worked at joes. had some more sticks to clear out of the rows and then we burned them. i worked from 8-8 that day (minus a couple breaks) probly the longest ive worked at a time. like the times before, my posterior was rather sore. its still a little sore now. actually i have a few bruises and scrapes,, from sticks. some from just picking up and moving the piles,, but mostly from joe and i having stickfights with long, flexible sapling like sticks. naturally, joe aimed for the head, and now my ear is bruised. go figure. but afterwards i hate a good steak dinner. right before adrienne called me there to my excitement, but we didnt get to talk. i called her back after i got home.

friday i got up rather early for having worked so hard. i went out to lunch with my mother and sisters. then i got my airsoft guns. i took them with me when joe and i went to see andy. he had all four wisdom teeth taken out on thursday. he looked real pritty, i was suprised he wasnt hurting. i sat around and talked to him awhile. then i stayed home and made arrangements over a cell phone for saturday. i hate cell phones. everyone says that theyre so handy and useful in todays culture, but i think theyre a waste of time when you spend 3/4 of your convo just trying to hear what the other person said,,,, anyway i dont like them.

saturday i got up and adrienne and hilary came over and they, little sister, mother, and i went to the sand dunes.

heres adrienne braving the chilling winds.

she criticised me for complaining about the cold, (it was about 36 by the water, plus all the wind off the water made it chilly) and told me she wasnt cold at all. but heres a picture one of the sisters took while i was away. tells a little different story.

the dunes, or this dune is pritty big. you cant really tell in the other pictures but this might help you see. if you look really close,, right in the center,, theres two girls walking on the shore (our little sisters) you can barely see them, but it shows how far away they are.

i dont know how many of you have seen the ring 2,, but these pictures reminded me of that scene in the bathroom.

anyway, after we were done playing in the sand, we stopped for coffee and in the car adrienne and i sampled eachothers music. mines way better. we ended up lsitening to bright eyes most the time. good times. alltogether the trip to the dunes was fun, but it would have been alot better if it were about 15 degrees warmer at least. i had fun anyway.