Thursday, July 27, 2006

because i felt like it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

really,, who didnt know?

lance bass is gay. no really... he said so himself. i dont know where to begin. this makes me chuckle. im gonna tell my sister.

all i have to say is, i knew it all along. thats all i have to say about that. so, bye bye bye. hehehehe

Friday, July 21, 2006

the fallen interlude

hey kids. well my time at prelock blueberry farm is coming to a close. they only need me for this saturday then im done. im kinda glad if you can imagine. over these past two weeks ive learned how dumb people can be. anyone who works at a job where they come into frequent contact with people can testify to that im sure. but after saturday im done. so im gonna be filling my time by helping my dad reshingle the roof. its not a very comfortable job. it gets really hot and youre in constant fear of dying. my shoes arent very good for that job. so ive figured different ways i should land to cause minimal damage should i fall.

other than work ive been hanging out with adrienne a bit. mostly we just eat out somewhere and watch a movie. theres not a whole ton else to do in this town. i also have been doing stuff with joe after work. wed hang out and play videogames or whatever. he let me try out his shotgun the other day. we killed some birds. first time ive ever really shot a gun other than a 22. now everytime i see i bird i jump a little and wish i had a shotgun. certain persons i know arent too impressed by that though.

well ive run out of things to say real quick here. so if you guys want me to talk about anything, let me know. i'll be back.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

reckless abandon

well i made it to the end of my first week of working at prelock blueberry farm. and dispite the increas4ed discomfort (its a little more difficult than sitting on the coutch ((my feet are blistered pritty good)) ) it went really well id say. cept for this morning. i overslept. i woke up to my mother coming up the stairs. immediatly i realised that it too light out to be 6:30 and i knew i overslept. poop. i felt really bad about it. i know it probly isnt thier favorite thing for employees to be late, but they were quite nice about it. i felt a little better. anyway next week i'll set two alarm clocks.

joe was there today. he just got back and it was good to see him. he got me a present. i like it alot. we talked a bit and then i went to the frankfurt pool with him and his family. good times. i got burnt again though. anyway ive decided hes definatly one of the people im gonna miss alot this next year.

the end

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dead Man's Chest

If you havent seen this movie, and dont want to know the ending, its okay, i wont give anything about the story away. but this post will be a derrogatory one, and if you dont want to hear my opinions, then dont read this.

for everyone else, listen up.

i went to see dead mans chest last night with adrienne. i told her we'd either see that, or devil wears pradda, whichever movie was next when we got there. unfortunatly the pirates of the caribbean was the next movie. it was awful. i'd tried to ignore all the bad reviews i had heard about it. after all the first pirates movie had very mixed reviews. so i decided that id see it for myself before i formed an opinion. it was awful. it was way too long. this one was mostly dialoge and computer graphics. the "bad guys" looked absolutly rediculous and werent really interesting at all. the worst part about this movie, compared to the last one, was there was only one sword fight. i guess they made up for it cause it dragged on for about 20 min. but the rest of the movie was running.

but forgetting all about the directing aspect of the movie, scenes and graphics and all, the story sucked. the initial confict could have been resolved very early on, the characters in the movie werent very exciting at all. jack sparrow wasnt the same cunning pirate i was looking forward too. and the ending was extreemly unsatisfactry. adrienne would agree. it wasnt a good suspence that left you feeling like you had to see the next one, it was an ending that was stupid and made the movie feel like a waste.

of course now that ive seen it, im going to have to see the next one, which im not looking forward too really. my advise, dont ruin the movie for yourself. dont see this movie. certainly dont waste your money on theaters. keep the origianl movie in your mind as a good movie. but this sequel ruined it for me.

Monday, July 10, 2006

man overboard

oh yeah, i have a blog.

umm,, i dont know what to say.

im working at prelock blueberry farm this week and next.

the end.

P.S. congradulations hannah. sorry i couldnt be there. i was rooting for you the whole time.

Sunday, July 09, 2006